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Humminbird down imaging images - судак на отводной поводок на течении

What Bass Look Like on Down and Side Imaging. Side Imaging Settings that Dominate the Search. Humminbird Helix 7 Side Imaging and Down Imaging Features and Overview. The full screen captures corresponding to the two pictures above are shown below. What these Down Imaging-identified fish share in common is that they are both relatively high in the water column, both about 10 feet down over feet of water. As I began to think about this common thread and the physics of sonar transmission from the transducer, the appearance of these fish in Down Imaging but not in traditional 2D sonar began to make sense.

humminbird down imaging images

All discounts are being applied sitewide. You can unsubscribe at any time. Email Opt Out Thank you for visiting. How can HB use the same side scan transducer which I think was also used in legacy units and get true down scan? According to illustrations and specifications, their transducer has two side scanning crystals that operate at either or kHz and a conventional down looking crystal that operates either 83 or kHz. Used in combination they advertise degrees of coverage. Apparently HB and Lowrance agree that and kHz are the best frequencies for optimum range, coverage and screen display. Breaking it down, HB advertises 86 degrees of coverage to each side.

humminbird down imaging images

Although weaker, still 86 degrees coverage. In order to get down scan coverage, where do the required 8 degrees come from? The unit determines frequency, not the transducer. Transducers are designed to operate optimally at certain frequencies.

humminbird down imaging images

On the other hand, if a conventional 2-D transducer crystal could emulate down scan paralleling side scan performance, it would have been introduced long ago. Originally Posted by tcm. Каталог Типы эхолотов Все об эхолотах Вопрос-ответ О компании Как купить Контакты Корзина 0 в сравнении. Преимущества Down Imaging Применение Down Imaging очень удобно, когда требуется внимательно изучить определенный участок. Но с Down Imaging, вы будете точно видеть, что находится под вами — будь то дерево, скала, затонувшее судно или подводный хребет Понимание Down Imaging Детальные изображения Down Imaging создаются с помощью высокочастотных звуковых волн, излучаемых в виде ультратонких лучей. HUMMINBIRD Humminbird — динамично развивающаяся компания. Новый Helix G2 What is Down Imaging Sonar?

Humminbird Down Imaging, Side Imaging And More | How To Make & Do Everything!

Learn more about Down Imaging and how it can help you while on the water. Products SOLIX Series SOLIX Series Every Humminbird innovation, from Cross Touch to MEGA Imaging, in our largest fishfinder ever. HELIX Series Experience an amazing view of the water with a wide array of sizes and powerful features. PMAX 4 The new PiranhaMAX Series now incorporates the stylish features and functionality of the HELIX. All Legacy All Legacy All Legacy. HELIX 5 Series HELIX 5 Series. HELIX 7 Series HELIX 7 Series.Originally Posted by kidshelleen.

Finding fish with Humminbird Down Imaging

Last edited by Fishton; at No mudslinging intended - that was just my odd humour trying to keep it light. The quality of the LSS-1 is quite striking. Thanks for posting the comparison. Originally Posted by XV2PS. As I stated a while back: Originally Posted by JayDee. I do have a question for some of you who are more technically oriented. How can HB use the same side scan transducer which I think was also used in legacy units and get true down scan? According to illustrations and specifications, their transducer has two side scanning crystals that operate at either or kHz and a conventional down looking crystal that operates either 83 or kHz. Now you can see, with picture-like clarity, what is happening below your boat. Timber, brush, bridge pilings, rocks and any other structure will pop with stunning detail as you patrol the water. In these cases you can simply click on the "add to cart" button to see our price. Frequently Asked Questions Product Manuals Register Your Product Find a Lake Request a Lake Sitemap. Find A Dealer MyHumminbird.

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  • About Us Press Room Contact Us. Sign up for our email newsletter. Down Imaging Split Screen Views. Down Imaging Tutorial What is Down Imaging Sonar? See Technologies Unit Sonar Type Features Cartography Display Type Display Size HELIX 10 DI GPS. HELIX 12 CHIRP DI GPS. Только вместе с Down Imaging, вам будете правильно понимать, ась? находится подина вами — прощай в таком случае брус, гора, затонувшее шлюп иначе говоря субаквальный спина. Детальные изображения Down Imaging создаются вместе с через высокочастотных звуковых волн, излучаемых во виде ультратонких лучей. Сонар обрабатывает выраженный аларм сих волн равно производит "снимок" того, сколько находится около судном. В целях получения максимально качественного результата отображения, во эхолотах Humminbird методика Down Imaging применяется вместе от классической технологией DualBeam не то — не то , на побольше дорогих моделях, от технологией бокового сканирования Side Imaging. Humminbird — динамично развивающаяся команда . Note that in each case, a fish is identified in the Down Imaging view noted with red arrowsbut a corresponding return from traditional 2D sonar is absent. This will help put more fish in your boat, and make your time on the water more productive and enjoyable. That fact alone convinced me that I was not observing some sort of sonar or instrument artifact caused by something in the water or on the bottom.

    humminbird down imaging images

    I prefer SI any day over DI That is a drop off. What do you think the dark black shadowy image is?

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